Your business success has everything to do with you and your people

At LCS, we’ll work with you to ensure that productivity, performance and profitability are the business bi-products of health and safety in the workplace.

Non-Executive Health and Safety Director

Health and safety law places duties on organisations and employers, and as directors we can be personally liable if these duties are breached. Appointing a Chartered professional to the Board, you have the key foundations to ensure real lasting change.

Providing clients an independent overview and serving on the board. Supporting with sensitive issues such as the health and safety agenda and brand protection. Providing an objective, positive and professional contribution.

We act as your safety focus bringing balance and direction in required legal duties and risk management that is practical, experienced, knowledgeable and personable.

  • Individual legal duties Section 37
  • The Health and Safety Agenda
  • Strategies for sustainable growth and brand protection
  • Effective behavioural change and creating culture
  • Strategic direction of the companies legal duties
  • Solving present and future risk challenges
  • Procurement and compliance with third parties
  • Ensuring internal compliance requirements
  • Meeting-agreed goals, objectives and monitoring
  • Performance, profit and productivity
  • Standards of conduct and governance
  • Systems of risk management are robust and defensible

We deliver high level interactive courses for business leaders


Leading Safely – IOSH

An inspirational high-level coaching course aimed at anyone with leadership responsibilities. Focusing on what drives improvement and productivity. This course will increase probability, enhance business reputation, create culture and strengthen your brand through effective leadership.

With a pre-course app assessment identifying key challenges. Through this exclusive business tool, leaders generate a personal action plan to enhance their knowledge and performance.

Delivering practical knowledge and solutions for sustainable business advantage through good Health & Safety practice. Delivering maximum results.

LCS Corporate Manslaughter

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 has been in force for a number of years. With increasing fines and publicity orders, our course will help you to understand the various Acts, legal requirements and the implications to the organisation and the individual.

Our course has been developed by an award-winning Chartered Professional who is an expert in the law of health and safety with over 15 years of experience working with Board level.

A, ‘must do’, for senior managers, this 4-hour interactive course, provides you with knowledge, understanding and confidence.

LCS Leadership in Health and Safety

As Leaders we take on great responsibility: The strategic objectives, the policy, progress, appointing the right people, being accountable to relevant parties keeping our people safe.

Our highly attended course has been designed to meet and strike a balance between governance and leadership. To successfully implement and manage compliance, generate profit and provide protection.

Over 4 hours, we cover our leadership styles, how governance brings profit, insights and understanding to manage and lead health, safety and drive human performance and how health and safety brings protection, performance and profit. Giving immediate impact.

Risk In the Board Room

The board has overall responsibility and accountability for risk management and there is an expectation that directors of organisations, both big and small, have the appropriate levels of knowledge, experience and confidence in this area.

Main learning outcome: key element of good governance, strategic risk identification and management, decision-making process, benchmarking, understanding of assurance, use of technology and standards.

This course will provide a practical engaging view of what board members and stakeholders need to know about risk management and forward strategy.