Remote Audit

Remote Auditing

As our world changes we must adapt to be that brand of difference

Why have a remote audit

Our remote auditing service allows our experts to review documentation, conduct interviews and site tours using the lates technology. Whilst maintaining a high standard and offering you flexibility.

What are the benefits

  • Fast & Flexible ~ Delivered quickly, minimising any potential onsite disruption. With increased accessibility globally, with multiple stakeholder participation now possible
  • Safe & Sustainable ~ Reduced health and safety risks for people travelling to hazardous or hard to reach locations. With less travel means a smaller carbon footprint and a more environmentally friendly delivery method
  • Excellence & Expertise ~ Delivered through a secure, easy-to-use, online platform to protect your information and the integrity of your business.

How Does it Work

Our team will engage virtually to understand your requirements and technology requirements to make sure we take the right approach.

On the agreed time and date, we will undertake your virtual audit as planned. Using tools such as video conferencing, file and screen sharing to obtain evidence demonstrates that your management system is compliant and effective.

Our lead auditors are confident on several platforms, including Microsoft Teams. We are flexible with the tools we use and will work with you to choose the right application for your remote audit whilst maintaining the security and confidentiality of the data and information shared with us.

After the audit, we summarise the findings and provide an easy to understand report sharing the outcomes in a prioritised action plan of any nonconformities.

We will only retain information that is necessary to demonstrate compliance requirements. The data is processed and stored in a secure cloud environment.

We have adopted a digital approach which means we can continue to look after your interests – helping you maintain high standards, using technology’s power to make the audit as effective and efficient as possible for you. Through our LCSHub platform, we give you access to all of your audit data including, audit planning and reports, certificates and analysis of your audit findings which provides you with greater insight into your management system.