Property Compliance & Safety Audits 

Our property compliance and safety audits provide a clear overview of standards, systems and statutory legally required in any type of property and size.   

LCS’s advisors and specialist engineers have in-depth, up-to-date knowledgecarrying ALAR Propertmark Residential and Property Management qualification. We are passionate and highly experienced in the property management sector.  

Our property audits are comprehensive and engaging, incorporating on-site physical observations alongside an in-depth review of your statutory requirements, policies and procedures, contractor management, emergency evacuations plans, logbooks, site plans and lease agreements.  

Areas covered include management, fire safety, workplace safety, electrical services, asbestos, control of legionella, control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH), the Equality Act (formerly the Disability Discrimination Act), sharps and waste and the Health and Safety at Work Act. 

LCS also provides valuable corporate advice to help ensure your portfolio estate icompliant, sustainable and safe  

Why have an audit?

Having appropriate and operational risk management in place is a crucial component to ensure property safety. Increasing stability, preventing fines, prosecution and imprisonment and most importantly gives people a safe and happy place to live, be and work.    

They demonstrate commitment to your landlords, fund managers, and tenantsProviding an extra layer of protection, occupant retention and identify new opportunities 

Legal compliance is one of our audits’ key components, an essential part of any successful property business. It lays the foundations for continuous improvement to give you a competitive advantage. 

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Insurance Risk Management Audit

Our insurance risk management audit provides specific risk management advice to reduce and maintain lower insurance claims on real estate portfolio(s). 

The audit includes a desktop review of the property risk management policies, procedures and processes, including any management systems in place and the overall risk management strategy. 

The audit also includes an Asset Risk Management Audit – reviewing compliance and best practice against current safety, environmental and asset protection standards and loss control measures at site-specific level, for a specified number of properties managed by the property management company. 

What are the benefits?

Insurance risk management audits provide risk management advice to help reduce and maintain lower insurance claims on real estate portfolio(s) and ensure asset protection.  It is an independent review to ensure compliance with current legislation, including corporate manslaughter. 

It also aims to reduce the risk of accident and liability for claims and improving corporate social responsibility (CSR) image and brand protection.  It can also improve tenant retention by offering practical help, advice, and awareness of risk management issues. 

How we help?

Our dedicated insurance risk auditors have vast experience and knowledge of providing risk management solutions across a wide range of industries throughout the UK and Europe.  

LCS provides insurance risk management audits tailored to our clients’ specific requirements, detailing site-specific risk improvements to identify areas of non-compliance or potential liability claims.  

We define risk management objectives and targets with the aim of continuous improvement and  

establish controls for your business activities that could have a detrimental impact on the business.  

Establish emergency responses that could impact the portfolio, review the competency levels, including statutory provisions, and provide best practice advice to help clients develop a positive risk management culture.