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Fire Risk Assessment & Strategy

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire safety is not only a requirement under law. It is vital in protecting lives, properties, businesses and the environment.  The effects of fires can be devastating and costly, significantly affecting reputation, insurance premiums and business profitability. 

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires employers, building owners or occupiers to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment, review it regularly, put fire safety controls in place, plan for emergencies and provide staff training, instruction and information on fire safety.  You are also required to co-operate and co-ordinate with other responsible persons in the same building where necessary. 

LCS has a dedicated team of fire safety experts, identify the risks to people and property and provide a detailed understandable written report and action plan. Supporting you in carrying out your legal duties and insurance requirements 

We work with our clients to develop robust fire safety solutions and training, providing the right support to each business to protect lives, buildings and businesses.  

Fire Strategies

 A necessity in every commercial building. A Fire Strategy defines the fire safety objectives and performance requirements for a property and the methods to ensure occupants’ safety and property protection. 

It’s primary aim is to manage, plan and co-ordinate appropriate fire safety procedures to reduce the risks of fire, thus ensuring the safety of the occupants.  

It is a map or a building design that helps to point out the escape routes if there is a fire. It follows all the compliance requirements for building regulations, including the following. 

  • Internal fire spreading 
  • External fire spreading 
  • Understanding warnings
  • Escaping the fire 
  • Utilising facilities that may help to put the fire out.

What are the benefits

A Fire Strategy will provide clear definition of the active and passive fire protection arrangements and meet the requirement for building management safety. It will show compliance with Building Regulations and forms an essential basis on which to conduct the Fire Risk Assessment. 

How we help

We produce Fire Strategies for commercial and residential buildings that are in existence or design and build stage.  

Our highly-experienced engineering team prepare and design fire strategies for a range of buildings to show compliance with Building Regulations and authorities.

The Fire Strategy provides the level of detail required to satisfy the Building Authority that the building has protective strategies to ensure occupation safely. This document will enable the landlord, fire assessor and other interested parties to understand the building construction and associated inherent fire safety precautions.