ISO 45001

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ISO 45001 provides a framework for Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) risks and opportunities, preventing work-related injuries and illness and provides a safe and healthy workplace. Whilst managing your regulatory and legal obligations, whatever your industry or location.

What are the benefits

Compliance with ISO 45001 demonstrates you have robust arrangements in place and are committed to setting a higher standard of compliance in organisations of all sizes, sectors and industries.

By implementing the most up-to-date occupational health and safety standard, your organisation will be the elite. It is a level of excellence acknowledged worldwide and will help set you apart from your competitors.

It brings financial savings. What management team doesn’t like economic benefits? An effective OH&S management system supported by effective audit will ensure you do not have costly production delays due to accidents and incidents or legal costs.

There are various ways that ISO 45001 will provide ROI for your organisation and across the board. Improvement in productivity and general employee wellbeing can have a positive impact. A by-product of this is that work-related insurance claims decrease and further improve the business’s finances.

Implementing ISO 45001 provides a platform to attract lower insurance premiums as it proves the organisation is performing robust due diligence in managing and protecting employees.

A safe working environment is a happy one. Your OH&S management system can help sustain morale and attract the right people. Your employees and clients will see that the organisation cares and employees are genuinely valued.

It is also great for reputation. Using effective audits to sustain an exceptional health and safety record is an excellent indicator of a business’s health for prospective clients. Displaying a record of achievement and continuous improvement can reassure you that you are serious and safe to do business with.

There are so many benefits for implementing ISO 45001 into your business processes. Ultimately, it is a fantastic management system that aims to reduce health and safety risks within the workplace that puts the protection and engagement of employees’ health at the forefront of all processes and planning.

Gaining Certification

ISO 45001 requires a 2-stage registration audit to become a certified organisation. The registration process can be a bit confusing, especially with the various audits and interchangeable language.

The certification body should be accredited by either the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for ISO or an equivalent accretion body that is member of the European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA) or the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

We help get you ready for the certification audits by the external body. Get in touch to discuss the certification process.

Integrated Assessment

We often get asked by our clients for support with achieving other ISO standards.

If you have multiple management systems across quality, environmental and information security, you can benefit from our coordinated assessment and programmes, saving time and money while minimising duplication of effort.

If you would like to know more about the additional ISO standards, please get in touch.