COVID-19 – Our chance for a great reset in how we work 

16 May 2020

National working from home day promotes employees to work from home!  

When COVID-19 speedily spread across the world and changed all of our lives.  Employers had no choice in sending the majority of their teams home and many have now started to question ‘why they had to go in to the office in the first place’?

With the population set to rise 10 million by 2025 and more than four million more cars to be on roads by then, traffic is predicted to grow by 44% and the proportion of traffic travelling in very congested conditions will have doubled to 17%!

Working from home could become a necessity not a choice and with talk this will become a legal requirement for those who can work from home must! Will not only protect our society it will promote smarter working practices to reduce the overall level of work-related travel, and change the times at which people have to travel, cutting peak-time congestion not only on the roads but also across public transport.

Pandemics throughout history have changed society, the vision of working from home has now been fast forwarded. As our world changes and we see opportunities within our businesses, employers must remember that they still have a legal duty to employees who are working from home and who will continue to work from home in the future. 

At LCS, we remain focused on helping clients and their teams to adapt to remote working. For example, we have been hosting free consultations for companies adapting to remote work for the first time, Providing guidance for home working and DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessments to support employers with their legal duties to ensure the safety and health of employees who are working from home. We’ve been speaking to companies of all sizes and from all industries – from large enterprises with hundreds of thousands of employees, to small businesses with a team of five.”

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