Tender PQQ Application

Tender & PQQ Application

Prepare your business to tender for contracts

Nearly all tenders and PQQs (Pre Qualified Questionnaires) feature a health and safety section. It is vital to give these questions full attention as a failure to answer them correctly can exclude you from the initial stage.  

We know it can be easy to attach your outdated or downloaded from google health and safety policies and procedures without a thought, this will not add value to your responses and could ultimately lead to a potential fine or prosecution in the event of an incident!  

To write a winning tender and submit a successful PPQ, you must aim to score highly in each section. Irrespective of your industry, health and safety provides you with the opportunity to gain compliance and points. 

Add real value

The health and safety sections exist so that your potential new client is confident that you minimise and eliminate risks, they to have a legal duty to do this.

It can make the difference between you submitting a winning response and losing out to a competitor. That’s where we step in to help you.  

It is essential to show evidence of how your current policies and procedures are regularly reviewed, sustainable and compliant, with review dates as evidence of your quality assurance processes. 

You may be required to evidence case studies on how an issue has arisen and what steps were taken to overcome this, such as an accident or engaging employees in health and safety. You will also need to show how your systems are managed and integrated into all daily working practices, namely through inspections, audits, people engagement creating a culture and that you have external support.

Oh and you will need to evidence you have an appointed competent health and safety professional like LCS.