Principal Designer Responsibilities

Supporting in the planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating health and safety

Who is the Principal Designer

A Principal Designer can be an organisation or individual who is appointed by the Client to during the pre-construction phase (design and planning stage) of a project involving, or likely to involve, more than one contractor. 

A Principal Designer is a designer (as defined in the CDM 2015 Regs) with control over the pre-construction phase with the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to carry out all the functions of the role.   

What must you do

As Principal Designer, you have an important role in influencing how the risks to health and safety are managed and incorporate and influence the wider management of a project and several other responsibilities.  Design decisions during the pre-construction phase that can have a significant effect on whether a project is delivered in a way that secures health and safety and foreseeable risks are managed throughout the whole process. 

What we do

Support the Client to demonstrate you have the health and safety skills proportionate to the complexity of the project risks. 

Ensuring you are fulfilling your legal duties as a duty holder, assurance you have the technical knowledge relevant to the project, understanding and ensuring that significant and foreseeable risks are managed. 

That health and safety is considered when making decisions and assist with the integration so you are confident in delivering your role.