H&S File and O&M Manuals

Health & Safety File Support

A Health and Safety File (HSF) is a key document and required on all projects involving more than one contractor (Appendix 4 of the CDM 2015 Guidance). If a Health and Safety file exists for a structure involved in a project with only one contractor, this file will still need to be updated. 

What is the Health and Safety File?

The health and safety file is defined as a file appropriate to the project’s characteristics, containing relevant health and safety information to be taken into account during any subsequent project.   

The file must contain information about the project needed to allow future construction work, including cleaning, maintenance, alterations refurbishment, and demolition to be carried out safely.   

The file should not include things that will be of no help when planning future construction work such as pre-construction information, the construction phase plan, contractual documents, risk assessments, method statements etc. The information must be in a convenient form, clear, concise and easily understandable. 

When should it be created?

Creating a Health and Safety file is not a one-off task. Before construction, it must be created and reviewed, revised, and updated throughout the project, reflecting any changes that have occurred throughout the construction phase. To increase on-site safety and health and mitigate risks. 

If the structure’s design has not mitigated risks, these must be included in it and may need to be added during the course of construction and health and safety information will need to be updated to ensure all relevant information is present. 

The Health and Safety File is kept for the lifetime of the building. It provides an accurate record of health and safety issues from when the structure was first erected. Right through to the latest works carried out before handover.  

How we help

The Principal Designer is responsible for preparing the Health and Safety File and may need an extra pair of experienced ‘hands’ to support their legal duties. 

By appointing LCS to collate the relevant information to create and manage your Health and Safety file, duty holders can fulfil their duties, increase safety and mitigate health and safety risks. Not just for construction but end-users and other workers in the industry. 

Building Operating and Maintenance Manuals

The Operation and Maintenance Manual (O&M) define the requirements and procedures for the effective operation, maintenance, decommissioning and demolition of the building. The O&M’s include details of the building’s construction, history and maintenance, instructions for its operation and maintenance, guarantees and warranties.  

With the ever-increasing complexity of buildings, the volume of operation and maintenance (O&M) information is required to ensure the services are operated correctly.  

LCS Operating and Maintenance & Electrical Manuals are designed to alleviate the inherent problems associated with paper-based technical documents. Drawings, manufacturer’s literature, certificates and other specialist data are all included electronically. Once created, the digital documents provide a replica of the paper documents in an easily stored, accessed, and secure format. 

Why are they important?

You have worked really hard to create a well-designed development that meets user needs, enhances society, and is sustainable for the future community and everyone who lives and works there. 

A manual that describes key components and systems within the building(s) and explains how they should be operated and maintained will help ensure that the project fulfils its purpose for its occupants and the contractors who will look after it.   

When should they be done?

After construction is complete but before occupation.  

Who should do this?

LCS on behalf of the client developer, the design team, the contractor and the future property manager.  

How we help  

We take the hassle away for you to collate and conduct your understandable O&M manuals ready for handover for the properties on going life cycle.  

We identify the key design elements, systems, and materials critical to long term quality and performance. Develop or collect any available operation and maintenance of information. All materials, as-built drawings, final finish schedules and plans, and all warranties, guarantees and certifications are collected from the project build team.  

For effective operation and ongoing maintenance critical to the long maintenance and management and easy to understand so your project is efficiently operated and well maintained long into the future. 

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