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Designer Responsibilities

We help you eliminate foreseeable health and safety risks to anyone affected by the project

Who is the Designer

A Designer is an organisation or individual that prepares or modifies a design for any part of a construction project, including the design of temporary works or arranges or instructs someone else to do it.  

Designers include architects, consulting engineers, interior designers, temporary work engineers, chartered surveyors, technicians, specifiers, Principal Contractors, specialist contractors and some trades. 

What must you do

Designers must understand and be aware of significant risks that workers and users can be exposed to and how these can arise from their design decisions. To have the right skills, knowledge, and experience and be adequately resourced to address the health and safety issues.   

Check the Client is aware of their duties and cooperate with others, particularly the Principal Designer.  Taking into account the general principles of prevention when carrying out design work and provide information about the risks and co-ordinate to improve manage and control.  

The benefits of having an LCS CDM Advisor

Designer decisions can affect the health and safety of workers and others who will construct, maintain, repair, clean, refurbish and eventually demolish or remove the building or structure, as well as those who will use it as a completed workplace, a place to socialise, shop or live 

Your design forms an important part of delivering a project safely and without risks to people’s health and safety  

Having LCS at your side will give you the expertise and peace of mind to minimise and design out health and safety risks. 

Take a look at our Case Studies to discover how we work as a team with other Designers.  

What we do

As a specified duty holder, you and anyone you engage to help you with a design must have the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience to do the work. With our expertise in construction risk design and property, this is we support you:  

  • You are top in your sector
  • Appointed CDM Competent Health & Safety Advisor
  • An extra layer to review and consider the risks, that influence the design, its sustainability and environmental impact
  • Over 18 years’ experience in construction and property design management
  • Eliminate, reduce or control safety risks
  • Ensure you have the adequate resources to address the health and safety issues likely to be involved in the design
  • Support with cooperation and coordination.