Construction Phase Plans

For Principal Contractors, one of the main responsibilities outlined by the CDM 2015 Regulations is the Construction Phase Plan, also referred to as the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan or CPP for short.   

This document is designed to help Principal Contractors and the others involved in projects to plan, manage and work safely. It’s also a legal requirement for your project to have a complete and thorough plan.  

While the principal contractor is primarily responsible for CPP compliance, the client and designers must also ensure that they provide all relevant information supporting the plan.  

If you haven’t created a Construction Phase Plan before, or you’re not sure where to start, This is where we help you to deliver excellence in health and safety during each stage of the project.. 

What Is the Construction Phase Plan?  

A CPP is a key document that details the health and safety risks associated with the project’s construction phase and the control measures that will be implemented to minimise risks or, where possible, eliminate them. 

Once drawn up, the document will help communicate significant risks, site rules and health and safety arrangements to others involved in the construction phase. 

When Do You Need a Construction Phase Plan?  

No matter the size or duration, all construction projects are legally required to have a Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan. So if your project is classed as construction work, it involves the building, demolition, renovation, maintenance or repair of a structure. You will need a CPP before the construction phase commences., a CPP is also required for domestic projects.  

The CPP must be drawn up before the construction site is set up so that any workers are not exposed to unnecessary risks.   

What Should a Construction Phase Plan Include?   

Every CPP should be unique because the plan will contain details about health and safety risks and specific arrangements, proportionate to the size, scope and complexity of the project. 

They must outline the project details and the arrangements for securing safety, health and welfare on-site. It should take into account, where necessary, all industrial, commercial, domestic or transport-related activities taking place on the construction site. 

How we help 

The Construction Phase Plan’s main focus is on health and safety risks, arrangements, and control measures to keep workers, site visitors, and the public safe from harm and healthy. 

Our experienced construction CDM Health & Safety Advisors will conduct and develop the CPP on our behalf, considering any scenarios that could increase the severity or probability of risks on the project.  

Putting in the arrangements for controlling health and safety risks such as hazardous substance control, issuing of personal protective equipment (PPE), removal of the hazard or elimination of the risk, the use of machinery to or the installation of physical barriers to restrict access or reduce the risk of a fall. These are just some of the control measures the exacts will depend on your project, and the activities carried out.    

There is a lot to consider in your Construction Phase Plan. It must not be a collection of health and safety policies, training records, risk assessments and method statements. However, they can be referenced in the CPP and can further demonstrate the safety management systems in place.