Clients CDM Responsibilities

Who is the Client

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 defines a Client as anyone for whom a construction project is carried out. The Regs apply to both domestic and commercial Clients.

Commercial: Client is an organisation or individual for whom a construction project is carried out in connection with a business, whether the business operates for profit or not. Examples of commercial Clients are developers, schools, retailers and landlords.  

Domestic: Clients are those having work carried out, which is not connected with running a business. Usually, this means arranging for work to be carried out on the property where you or a family member lives.  

What is the Client’s role

The CDM 2015 Regulations place responsibility for managing the health and safety on six defined duty holders. The Client has overall responsibility for the project’s successful safety management and is supported by the formally selected Principal Designer and Principal Contractor at different phases of the project.  

The benefits of having an LCS CDM Advisor

As the Client, you must ensure set up from start to finish to adequately control the risks to the health and safety of those who may be affected by a construction project. Work must be properly planned, resourced and managed to protect those carrying out work on, or who may be affected by, your project.  

You must also make sure that: relevant information is prepared and provided to other duty holders to carry out their duties, and welfare facilities are provided.  

Appointing LCS as your personal Construction (Design and Management) Advisor, will give you the expertise and peace of mind to minimise health and safety risks.  

How we help

We support you in the specified legal requirements and ensure that the duty holders comply with their duties. Ensuring your project is safe, sustainable and profitable:  

  • Selecting the project team and formally appoint duty holders 
  • Risk mitigation at the development and design stage 
  • On-site meetings and support with the carefully selected team 
  • CDM training for all levels of construction 
  • Encouraging more integration
  • Compliance with Act and Regulations 
  • Notifying the HSE – F10 form 
  • Liaising with duty holders, HSE and Building Control  
  • Contractor procurement and legally required documentation
  • Audits and construction site inspections 
  • Health & Safety file has been prepared and suitable  
  • Welfare facilities are made available
  • Achieving construction value 
  • Clients personal support for successful completion.