Standing Out From The Rest

Standing Out From The Rest

We are a construction contractor with 300 employees, specialising in reinforced concrete frame structures in both the private and public sector. Based in Liverpool, it has an annual turnover of around £35 million.

In a tough competitive market, we wanted to make our business stand out. We had noticed that developing a strong record on health and safety was seen as a clear differentiator when it came to clients awarding contracts.  We met LCS at a networking event two years ago, and they stood out from any H&S company we had come across in our ten years of business.  The directors’ were given a presentation about company growth and health and safety. It was quite uncanny.

We appointed LCS in January 2018 to carry out an audit of the company’s current health and safety practice and procedures.

The new invites success depended on getting in the right company with similar values and workers involved. LCS solution was to introduce a new series of safe work systems initiatives, training programmes, and behavioural safety and worker engagement.

This has resulted in

  • Employer and public liability insurance premiums have been cut by £5,000 a year
  • Accident rates have dropped from six RIDDOR-reportable accidents to non in a year 
  • Drop in accidents has resulted in a further saving of between £4,000 and £5,000 a year, based on investigation costs and replacement labour charges
  • Efficiencies achieved on the back of the suggestions made by workers
  • Better training engagement
  • Winning new business and standing out from the rest

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