Now We See The Benefits

Now We See The Benefits

AUDAX GROUP provides design, refurbishment and construction services, working as the principal contractor for some of the UK’s leading property developers and investors.

Our company was gaining rapid growth; we were first alerted to the importance of health and safety when asked for a pre-construction plan from the client!  Initially, we had no idea of the responsibilities we had taken on as Principal Contractor.  A member of the clients’ design team recommended LCS, and we have not look back.

We have been working with LCS for nearly four years and have gone on to win several large construction projects, and we know this has been a team combination of skills, delivery and how we manage health and safety.

LCS further support us in our internal health and safety compliance from the appointed person, policy, risk assessment, employee handbooks to training, which the team enjoy attending.

This has resulted in:

  • a strong portfolio of successfully delivered projects
  • Winning work through tenders and accreditations
  • no accidents or incidents on any of our projects
  • confidence we are delivering our responsibilities as a duty holder
  • employee retention and low sickness rate
  • led to more extensive developers and investors requesting

Now we see the benefits compliance can bring and have chosen to make health and safety an integral part of the business.


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