Highly Recommended For Leaders

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Highly Recommended For Leaders

We are a biomass company based in over 20 countries and involved in large construction and complex projects. We have more than 20,000 employees and many subdivisions working under the primary corporations’ name, with several boards at different levels.

Throughout the pandemic, our leadership teams across the world have attended virtual classroom training with LCS. We have been impressed with the content, delivery and engagement and continue to receive excellent feedback from our senior leadership teams attending.

The pandemic has opened up opportunities for many businesses. We have found a health and safety leadership company.  LCS has gone beyond our expectations, and it is clear they have taken the time to understand our business and its functions, which has given us consistency and engagement through our global leadership teams.

This has resulted in:

  • Consistency in leadership development and training
  • Stronger and improvement in our companies engagement globally
  • One point of contact for all our senior leadership development
  • Understanding of different countries legislation and governance
  • Aware of our legal duties individually and as a corporate body


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