Consistency and Openness

Consistency and Openness

Based in the Middle East, our company is one of the world’s largest drink companies. It has over 30,000 employees and supplies throughout the globe. We have a diverse and growing workforce and strive to improve safety performance by supporting through strong leadership and engagement, knowledge and awareness.

We appoint LCS throughout the year to deliver leadership training from Leading Health and Safety, Corporate Manslaughter and Behavioural Safety.

The benefits are immediate and consistent, and each course demonstrates positive safety leadership.  We always have full attendance, and we value the UK governess and legislation, and it is delivered in a way that resonates with our business.

What this has led to is visible leadership being displayed by our most senior executives. So the overall result is a top-down improvement of the safety culture within our company.

This has resulted in:

  • Positive and visible safety leadership
  • Consistency
  • Improved safety performance
  • Attracting the right people
  • Sustainability in the top 10
  • Brand protection

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