Auditing Performance

Providing the necessary information and assurances for the key stakeholders

Risk Compliance Audit

An effective audit by LCS will identify the level of legal compliance and potential liability of the organisation and provide an independent no basis review that risks are effectively being managed and your internal systems are working.  Further they identify new opportunities, provide protection, development and growth. 

Adopting a balanced approach to auditing will also provide positive feedback and recognition of good management and best practice, while the process can help raise awareness and improve employee participation and morale by demonstrating senior managements commitment to health and safety.

The existence of a robust health and safety auditing programme should also provide a degree of mitigation in the event of a breach or corporate manslaughter case.

Remote Auditing

Our remote auditing service allows our experts to review documentation, conduct interviews and site tours using the latest technology worldwide. Whilst maintaining a personal high standard and offering you flexibility.

The main benefits of remote auditing is cost and time flexibility whilst delivering an engaging and quality service.

They can be co-witnessed by multiple people within your business, who can also interact with auditors via a live Microsoft Teams stream or your chosen secure platform.

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