An external compliance audit will ultimately benefit your business and people


LCS produces audits that provide a competitive edge, demonstrate commitment and most importantly identify new opportunities, protection, development and growth. 

We provide an accurate review that is non-biased reviewing critical statutory compliance and identifying areas for improvement. 

You’re not legally obliged to carry out an audit, but it’s highly recommended. They are widely recognised as best practice for leading companies of every type and size. 

The audit details

You’re onsite health, and safety audit will cover: 

Documentation: checking that you have suitable health and safety policies, process documents and appropriate arrangements. Interviews with managers, heads of departments, and your people to check whether policies are being adhered to and understood, further supporting you in creating a sustainable culture.  

Our health and safety audits are conducted to the requirements of UK laws and the principles of the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance on management systems (HS(G)65) and ISO 45001.  

After your audit assessment is completed, we produce a prioritised action plan offering support and guidance on making any required improvements. We are also happy to assist with any recommendations if you need.